Devrick Bell

Saxophonist Devrick Bell currently resides in the Orlando, FL area. He also spent ten years in Dallas. These days he is performing locally and throughout Central and South Florida areas at fine dining establishments and festivals, and other private functions. Devrick was born in Augsburg, Germany, but spent his formative and early adult years living in Pasadena, CA, where as a young 11-year-old, he began taking saxophone lessons in school. Inspired by the music of so many of the great artists on the Southern California scene at the time, Devrick continued playing throughout high school and on through college at San Diego City College and Cal State University, Northridge. One of his greatest early encounters was at 16 with the legendary reed man Bennie Maupin of Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters and Miles Davis – Bitches Brew fame. His musical appetite is big and he enjoys lending his talents to many different musical styles and genres. He has a distinctive, bold sound that taps into the spirit of some of his favorite and inspirational players of past and present but still strives to make his sound his own. Devrick has recorded many sessions as sax-for-hire or as a member of a horn section over his professional career, as well as currently writing and producing music.